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Saturday, April 3, 2010

When you're older, you might understand

"Mak, awat rumah kita kecik ja. Panas lak tu. Bila kita nak kaya?"

Once I asked my mom when I was a little. Still sipped MILO in a bottle prepared by her every morning. Miss that good old times where we don't need to think about the world. Soo innocent.

"Nanti bila Own dh besaq, Own belajaq pandai-pandai. Own beli kat mak rumah besaq. Mak boleh bagi yang ni ja sebab dulu mak belajaq pon tak habis."

She answered it with a glowing smile at her face while hugging me. I nodded, at the same time knowing nothing about her words.

You deserve more than the world can give you.


While I was reside a prayer on sejadah that night,  this mind automatically flashing back my memories about the past. What a mess. All my life is nothing but full of sins.

Shame on you.


About half an hour ago there's a match between Man. U vs CHELSEA. The game was superb!

Final score Man. U 1(macheda) vs CHELSEA 2(Jo Cole, Drogba)

* ramai orang cakap gol drogba offside.  emo betul la you all ni. Aiman tak kesah kan? ceh

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Ikmal Fayadh said...

sudah tuh? x reti2 lagi nak bertaubat??

usus kecik said...


---RaDeN--- said...

bertaubat lah anda....=)